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WATCH: How to maximise the distance off the tee

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A wide stance and high tee will help your balance and get the ball to travel further 

By Tom Ogilvie
The average driving distance on the PGA tour is now over 300 yards. In the last two or three years, distance has been a big talking point, especially with the likes of Bryson DeChambeau making headlines for his increase in clubhead speed and enormous drives off the tee. 

There are a few factors we must get right before we move into the swing, and this is the set up. Having a wide stance to keep your balance while swinging at high speed is very important and, if you want to maximise carry distance, tee the ball high on your
lead foot. 

While taking the club into the backswing, we want to feel a big shift in momentum away from the ball. Almost instantly as you move the club back, shift your weight into your trail side and start to rotate your body. Swing catalyst highlights around 80-90 per cent pressure should be on your trail foot by this point. 

Once the club moves wide and away from the ball, this is where the body should wind or coil up to the top of the swing. A good sign is when you feel the right hip moving up as you get to the top of your swing.  

Into the downswing, it is imperative that your head stays behind the ball before the club is delivered at impact. This will allow the club to work on a shallower angle and increase the angle of attack helping maximise carry distance because of less spin on the ball. 

During your speed practice, focus on the clubhead speed and not so much on the result. With use of a launch monitor such as Trackman, gaining 3-4mph can result in an increase of 9-12 yards. Practise at a high intensity and treat it like a workout. Hit several balls in a short space of time to get your heart rate up. Keep note of your highest recorded swing speed and try to beat this each time you practise. You will notice over time that your cruising swing speed will become higher.

Tom Ogilvie is a PGA teaching professional at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.

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