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Claude Harmon III’s simple impact drill

Join super coach Claude Harmon III in Dubai for insight into the one thing all the best players in the world have in common – a great impact position.

It’s a problem I see with club golfers everywhere. In an effort to get the ball into the air, they hang back away from the golf ball, leave their weight on their trail leg which inevitably leads to major contact issues. If you regularly hit fat or thin shots, it could be the problem.

A great drill to help you get into a better impact position and through the ball is to try the step through drill. This can be done in three very simple steps:
1. Start with your feet together and get into a set up position
2. As you bring the club back to impact, take a step towards the target and finish the swing
3. Make sure to finish on your lead side facing the target

This drill will help you create separation between your upper and lower body while also allowing you to transfer your weight correctly from the trail foot to your lead foot in the follow through.

Onto the Course
This drill is great for the driving range or out on the course during a practice round. For those looking to take this out onto the fairways, incorporate it into your pre-shot routine by making a practice swing without a ball. Try to get the feeling of the correct weight transfer before you execute the shot.

Claude Harmon III is in the vanguard of the new generation of golf teachers. Steeped in tradition both his grandfather, Claude Harmon and father Claude “Butch” Harmon Jr., have been the dominant teachers of their generation.


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