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WATCH: Add pop to your golf swing

By Matthew Brookes
Ground interaction. It’s the talk of the tour and there’s no reason why amateurs, just like the pros, can’t generate more power through the ground to help increase clubhead speed.

Here at Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, we’re lucky enough to have a new 3D motion plate from Swingcatalyst, a groundbreaking bit of kit which helps us see every little detail of ground interaction.

The technology allows trained users to cross-reference key horizontal, torque and vertical ground forces against averages collected by Swingcatalyst from PGA Tour players.

From there, any amateur looking for more distance – (let’s be honest, who isn’t?) is invited to the Peter Cowen Academy at DCGYC where we can build a fitness programme to help you increase the output of the key ground forces. Here are three of my favourite exercises you can try out with the help of the “what’s that strap”.

1. Lateral Leaps
With the cable machine to your right, place your left arm through the strap with the strap going behind you and over your back. Now get into a single, right leg balance, in golf posture and load into your leg with a shoulder rotation towards the machine. From this position, push off to your left away from the machine and land controlled onto your left leg. This exercises generates both accelerating and de accelerating forces, vital for the golf swing.

2. 180 Vertical Jumps
With the machine to your right, place your left shoulder through the strap with the strap coming across the chest, then rotate anti-clockwise 180 degrees. Now with a big load and rotating to your right, make an explosive 180 degree rotational jump to your left so you finish facing the other way to your starting position, making sure you finish controlled and balanced.

3. Box Jumps
Select a box height that is safe enough for you to jump onto. Then, with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and your hands placed on your hips, start completing the descending movement of a squat, which is the loading phase of this exercises. Now explode into a vertical jump and land on the box as softly you can. Loud landings should be avoided as much as possible.

Complete each exercise with 10 reps per side, over three sets and with up to 60 seconds rest between each set. Better still, join us at DCGYC and we can set you on the right path to better golf. From the ground up.

— With Kent Gray

Matthew Brookes is a PGA teaching professional and golf-specific fitness trainer at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.


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