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How Billy Horschel’s simple back swing move will make you a better ball-striker

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Claude Harmon III, the super coach with his name above the door at the golf performance academy attached to The Els Club, Dubai, shows how 2021 Race to Dubai contender Billy Horschel gets to the top of his back swing in perfect – and powerful – balance 

By Claude Harmon III
Billy Horschel is known as one of the best ball strikers on the PGA Tour and as we approach the grand finale of the European Tour season, he is perfectly positioned for a serious tilt at the Race to Dubai title. But what makes the reigning BMW PGA Championship winner one of the best ball strikers around?

Billy is constantly working on creating a stable top of the backswing position to produce that efficient ball striking that we see week-in, week-out. He does this by maintaining some flex in his right leg at the top of the backswing which allows him to not only manage the length of the backswing but also create the energy needed to push off that leg in transition and thus generate maximum power. In addition to this, maintaining a short and controlled top of the backswing position is key for Billy. He is always looking to avoid a long, loose and narrow look to his top of backswing position.

Photo by Joachim Guay

Drill to thrill
The trail leg drill is a great way to help you maintain flex in your trail leg. Drop your front leg back and begin by making some backswings, focusing on maintaining the flex in your right knee. This should give you the sensation of a very stable lower body, while also allowing you to maintain a lot of width at the top of the swing. I really like Billy’s golf swing and some of the things he works on with his lower body. Copy this drill and before long, you’ll notice an improvement in your ball striking too.

Claude Harmon III is in the vanguard of the new generation of golf teachers. Steeped in tradition both his grandfather, Claude Harmon, and father Claude “Butch” Harmon Jr., have been the dominant teachers of their generation.


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