Three years ago, a Dubai resident set out on a daunting task, playing four rounds of golf in the searing summer heat — in one day!

Richard Charlesworth set off on his mission at Trump International Golf Club Dubai at the crack of dawn back in 2020, and exhausted but unbowed, he holed out on No. 72 just after 4pm in memory of his father, who died of cancer in 2017.

Now, the 52-year-old did it all over again on Wednesday as he continues to raise awareness of the illness, while also helping UK-based Macmillan Cancer Support.

Originally from Chester, England, Charlesworth has lived in the UAE for 13 years and has now managed to complete 144 holes in two days — three years apart.

“I did the challenge in 2020 in memory of my dad,” he told Golf Digest Middle East. “I had known about the Macmillan Longest Day Challenge for some time, but it was a different test doing it in the UAE compared to the UK as it is buggy golf here (somewhat easier) but in 45 degrees (somewhat more challenging).

“Of course people only really play early morning and late afternoon/evenings in the summer here. Three years ago we started first thing and just kept going. I did first round with friends and then final three rounds on my own.”

Richard Charlesworth in action at Trump International Dubai. Supplied

Charlesworth was preparing to go again in 2021 but he had to put the plans on hold as he suffered a series of injuries that Tiger Woods could relate to.

“I had intended to do it annually but the following year I had to give up golf for a few months with plantar fasciitis type symptoms where I sometimes struggled to walk 100 yards,” he said. “Last year I was still recovering from a foot surgery to remove bone spurs and repair damaged cartilage to one of my big toes. Since then I’ve had golfer’s elbow and six weeks ago a had a minor tear to my knee meniscus, thankfully not bad enough to stop golf. So from the intended date in 2021 here I was in 2023 hoping and praying my body would hold up!

Thankfully, it did.

“I booked the first tee time for 6am — we started on the 10th tee this time around — and I competed the first two rounds with two friends,” he added. “I got off the course at 4.30pm as the second two rounds were much quicker playing on my own.”

The 7.2-handicap Trump member was delighted that he managed to keep his game so consistent throughout the day as the mercury crept higher. “I shot 80, 83, 81 and 81 so it was remarkably consistent!” he laughed. “I was swinging easy from the off and I was surprised that I felt OK at the end and hadn’t stiffened up as much as I did three years ago.”

An exhausted Richard Charlesworth after hole 72. Supplied

Charlesworth did everything possible to keep himself fresh and hydrated as the day wore on. “As before I brought four complete sets of spare clothes to change into, sports drinks, electrolyte tablets, sun cream, towels — even some Vaseline,” he explained. “Thankfully there are water coolers are every few holes and there’s a food/ beverage cart on course to keep my energy levels up. As before I will make a donation to Macmillan and continue my push to raise awareness through radio and social media.”

Here’s hoping Richard doesn’t have to wait three more years to do it all over again — if he is up for it…