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If there is one thing that can help your game in the Middle East heat more than anything else, it must be comfort.

While all the clubs, gloves and shoes in the world may tweak your form, staying cool and comfortable is key above all else.

This is where Ventana comes in.

The Dubai-based trading company is a key golf cart and turf machinery distributor in the region — a subsidiary of Tanseeq Investment Group, the region’s leading golf and landscape-based group. Proscape, the first company under the group, was established in the year 2000. Under the leadership of Ahmed AR Anoohi (Chairman) and Naser M Ahmed (Group CEO), the group has now grown to 22 companies within the last 23 years. It has established itself as the leading name in the landscape and golf industry in the Middle East with operational presence in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The group is now strategically positioned to achieve a group revenue target of
AED 1 billion in the near future. 

Ventana has been instrumental in promoting green energy in the region by introducing lithium-based golf carts and utility vehicles. In 2021, Ventana won the deal to supply 435 lithium-based golf carts (E‑Z‑GO Elite) to Dubai Golf. This was one of the biggest lithium golf fleet deals in the Middle East and it was followed up by another landmark deal, supplying 80 carts to Trump International in Dubai. 

As of 2023, Ventana has supplied more than 520 carts in the region, cementing its position as the No.1 lithium golf cart distributor in the Middle East.

But it is more than just carts and comfort with Ventana. It has seven main business verticals — Golf and electric vehicles, turf machinery, batteries, irrigation, chemicals, lighting and landscape products. It has a dedicated turf and golf cart machinery workshop with qualified and experienced technicians, which enables it to provide all-round customer service for its clients. Ventana is the official distributor for leading manufacturers like E-Z-GO, Cushman, Jacobsen, Ransomes, Rain Bird, Husqvarna, Enersys, Solis, MultiOne, Grillo, Active, Shibaura among other manufacturers. 

Launching in 2015, Ventana set out on its mission to offer products and services to the golf, landscape and leisure industries in the region. To further develop the business and accelerate the growth of the company, Riyad Mustafa was brought in as General Manager to head the company in 2018. With 15 years of business experience in the golf and landscape industry in the GCC region, he started out with a three-member team, with the key focus on developing the existing business and increasing the brand and product range.  

After five years, Mustafa and his team had made massive inroads, including an impressive revenue growth rate of 54.56 per cent, client growth rate of 86.98 per cent and the staff strength increasing from three to 35 members. During this period brand representation went up 24 per cent and now Ventana has more than 50 brands in its portfolio, serving numerous clients across various industries. With this privilege comes the responsibility of managing a large workload while ensuring quality customer service and maintaining fruitful partnerships. Ventana adopted effective strategies to streamline its operations and optimise client relationships.

After initial success, not resting on its laurels, there was more to come in 2021. Tanseeq Investment Group opened Ventana’s sister company — Al Aweer Trading in Riyadh to distribute golf carts and electric vehicles, golf irrigation, batteries, turf machinery and landscape products in Saudi Arabia. In a short span of time, Al Aweer secured important deals across the Kingdom and, in early 2023, was successful in securing the tender to supply Rain Brid golf irrigation products for a new golf project. Al had entered its second year of operation with company achieving 91 per cent revenue growth. 

Ventana has achieved success in a relatively short time by identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities in the golf & landscape market, introducing innovative products, adopting continuous improvement, broadening our customer base, and diversifying our revenue streams. As the golf and landscape market continues to evolve, with adaptation a key to success Ventana keeps client preferences, technology and industry trends at the top of the agenda, embracing flexibility and introducing innovative golf products in the region. With a dynamic team, supportive management, effective leadership and a clear vision to be the leading golf and landscape trading company in the region, Ventana looks ready to keep on rolling in the years to come.