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Five simple (and critical) pre-range and round warm-up exercises

Photo & video by Joachim Guay

By Matthew Brookes
It’s so important to warm up for your round or range session and I see so few people do so. Hitting a golf ball requires the same amount of muscle contraction as doing a three rep max in the gym and you wouldn’t do that without a warm-up. It’s been proven that doing dynamic exercises or even better, resistant band exercises, before hitting balls can greatly prevent injuries and even increase distance.

Here are five simple exercises you can complete before you next play to help get into the swing of things from the get-go. Best of all, all you need is a golf club.

1. Club Hinge
Starting in a tall standing position with the club being held in contact with your chest and stomach, relax the knees a fraction and hinge from the hip until the club sticks out between your legs. Creating a “tail” is the reference to look for to ensure you’re at the correct angle.

2. Overhead Extension
Starting in golf posture holding onto the club at each end, raise your arms above your head for set reps with a smooth controlled movement.

3. Single Leg Balance With Torso Rotation
In golf posture on one leg and with a club across your shoulders, rotate your shoulders, whilst keeping your balance.

4. Assisted Deep Squat
Starting in golf posture, have a long iron in front of you and apply a downward force into the ground through the club. This will help engage the core and keep you more stable during the exercise. Then squat down as deep as you can, keeping the chest tall and preventing the knees from dropping inwards towards each other.

5. Lateral Leg Swings
Using a club for balance, swing one leg across the front of the body between the club and your other leg.

Matthew Brookes is a PGA teaching professional and golf-specific fitness trainer at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.

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