Remember back in 2020 when LPGA and PGA Tour pros were posting about the Peloton workouts they were doing? And if you’re into Peloton, you probably checked out their output numbers and realised: “Dang, some of these golfers have very solid cardio abilities!” Well, if you were impressed by Rory McIlroy’s Peloton numbers, get ready to be floored by what Anne van Dam did in December. The 27-year-old from the Netherlands who has played on the LPGA and Ladies European Tours completed an Ironman 70.3.

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You won’t believe this Van Dam shot

Also known as a Half Ironman, the Ironman 70.3 is three gruelling cardiovascular tests. Competitors start with a 1.2-mile swim, then hop on their bikes for a 56-mile ride, and wrap up the race with a 13.1-mile run. Van Dam completed the race in 6 hours and 8 minutes, finishing right in the middle of her age group. Just six days prior, she finished the final round of the Andalucia Open De Espana, coming in a tie for 10th at the LET event.

Here she is, smiling her way through the finish at the Ironman:


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To make her accomplishment even more impressive, she did it as a fundraiser for fellow LPGA player, Jane Park. Park and her husband, Pete Godfrey, who is a caddie on the LPGA, have one child together, Grace. In 2021, Grace was 10 months old and had to be hospitalised for seizures. She suffered brain damage. Since then, Park has dedicated her life to finding the best care for Grace. She shares a lot about their journey on her Instagram. Unfortunately, not everything Grace needs is covered by insurance, so Van Dam saw an opportunity to help. She raised $15,500 for Grace and her family.

Park posted on her Instagram after van Dam completed the 70.3 Ironman, commenting on how impressively “fresh” Van Dam looked at the end of the brutal race and saying, “Thank you to all those who donated! Your generosity is felt and appreciated.”