Release the clubhead

Try this quick exercise for an easy fix
By Jack Woods

One of the most common faults I see with the golfers I teach is an inability to release the clubhead correctly. This stems from a subconscious desire to keep the clubhead square to the target through the hitting area, but the result is the hands staying ahead of the ball and a very open clubface at impact, sending the ball way off to the right. By not releasing the club you automatically give up clubhead speed as well, so you lose both accuracy and distance. Players who exhibit this fault tend to struggle to achieve that nice, full finish position.


Failing to release the clubhead leaves it wide open at impact.

So, here’s a drill to help you fix it. Simply take your club and grip it the wrong way around, so the handle points down to the ground and the clubhead is in your hands. Make a few practice swings and focus on that ‘swoosh’ sound on the downswing. Because you’re swinging with the lighter end of the golf club, you will automatically start to groove a better release with your hands through the hitting zone. After making a few swings, flip the club around and hit some shots. If clubhead release is something you struggle with, you should see a bit more speed in your swing and a fuller, sweeter hit through the ball. Give it a try and good luck!

Jack Woods is a PGA Teaching Professional at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. For more information, visit

Photograph by Farooq Salik