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VIDEO: Late to the tee? Fortunately PXG ambassador Claudine Foong beat you there with a last minute warm-up routine

If ever there was kryptonite to the best golfing intentions, it’s a midweek tee-time that can’t be budged. And a job.

You’ve planned this round for weeks and worked tirelessly to clear your in-tray so you can make it to the club with ample wiggle room for a relaxed warm up. But that report due next week is suddenly needed now. You work a small miracle to submit it only to be then dragged into a “quick” meeting that gives new meaning to slow play. Don’t they know the traffic is always a nightmare on the days you attempt to secretly slip away for golf?

At best you’ll arrive with just enough time to throw down a couple of balls in a vain attempt to get the pace of the greens (no chance given your current heart-rate, let alone your frazzled mental state). Then you’ll engage in a handful of stiff practice swings that have the potential to be as painful as they look.

You’re rushed and, almost inevitably, so too is your tee shot and the half dozen or so swipes that result as you struggle down the first. And with that, another round is as good as done almost before it’s begun.

Modern life tends to get in the way of being one of those loose limbed range rats your enviously eye on the mad dash for the first tee. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, or can’t, devote a few of the precious minutes left before your tee time to a decent warm-up.

Allow Dubai-based PXG Middle East ambassador Claudine Foong to show you some quick and easy stretches to ensure you split the first fairway, or at least avoid splitting something in the process.

A few quick putts is often the best we can manage. Until now. Images by Kristina Nabieva

Foong began Golf Digest Middle East’s new Golf Fitness series with the “Farmer Carry”. Again shot on location at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai, the exercise activates the all-important core muscles, promotes shoulder and pelvic stability and increases grip strength and can be seen here:

Later the Canadian introduced the ‘Goblet Squat” to the mix to assist lower body strength and marry core and pelvic stability:

Stay tuned for more golf fitness videos from the Ontario-native, who played collegiate golf at Gardner Webb University in North Carolina and spent three seasons playing professionally – including on The Futures (now Symetra) Tour and in Canada and Florida – before devoting her career to wellness and performance coaching. Your game, and body, will thank you for it.


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