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VIDEO: Control the tempo of your swing to knock those tricky short shots closer

By Joe Way
With the large, undulating greens here in the Middle East, being able to control the trajectory of your short wedge shots can be of great benefit. It will enable you to access tricky pins tucked behind bunkers, or run the ball up the green to pins some 30 yards from the front edge.

A simple way to control the trajectory of your wedge game is via your tempo.

When the flag is located at the back of the green, a low running wedge shot will be useful. As well as moving the ball position back in your stance and having the hands forward, a shorter faster tempo will help to keep the trajectory down and have the ball release and run up to the flag.

For flags tucked away with little room to work with, a higher, softer landing shot is a must. By moving the ball position forward and performing a longer, smoother swing, the ball will fly high and drop out the sky.

Joe Way is a PGA Teaching Professional at DCGYC’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai. For more information, visit dubaigolf.com


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