If you’ve ever watched the pros and wondered how they bend the ball with complete control, you’re not alone—even their playing competitors are curious at times.

In a recent Tiktok from TaylorMade golf, Tiger Woods asked Rory McIlroy how he hits his ‘kisser cut’, or his ‘controlly’ shot, as Nelly Korda calls it.

This high baby fade is handy for McIlroy, who typically draws the ball because it’s a reliable go-to and doesn’t hugely impact his massive distance advantage.

So how does he hit it? McIlroy says it comes down to two simple setup adjustments:

Stand closer and stand taller

McIlory says these two adjustments open the clubface slightly and, crucially, allow him to stay more on top of the golf ball at impact.

“I feel like I keep my right side high,” McIlory says.

That helps him hit down on the ball slightly, and the combination sends the ball drifting gently from left-to-right.

Try Rory’s setup changes next time you’re on the range to see if you can add this ‘kisser cut’ to your arsenal.

You can watch the full video right here:

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Main image: Christian Petersen