dropcaps_he’s the world’s leading golf coach, but what is Butch Harmon’s philosophy on the swing? In this video, Butch Harmon School of Golf director instruction, Justin Parsons, details three of his core principles with drills for each.

Says Justin: ” Butch has never been the kind of coach to impose one method of swinging the club onto every player he teaches. If you look at the great players he has coached from Greg Norman to Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and now Rickie Fowler, you’ll see that in every instance, Butch has not tampered with the very individual styles of each swing. Rather, he has helped players achieve better fundamentals while owning their own unique action. Simply put, the Harmon philosophy is the art of teaching people to play golf, not teaching golf to people.”

Follow these key Harmon principles to build a more powerful, efficient golf swing

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Photography by Farooq Salik
Videography by Kristina Nabieva

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