The APGC’s four new board members: Sarah Chia (top left), Yoshihiro Nishi (top right), General Abdullah Alhashmi (bottom left) and Bones Floro (bottom right)

General Abdullah Alhashmi, the Vice Chairman of the Emirates Golf Federation, has been appointed to the Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation’s (APGC) Board of Directors.

He joins Bones Floro from the Philippines, Hong Kong’s Yoshihiro Nishi and Australian Sarah Chia as new appointees commencing two-year terms in office.

The quartet joins existing board members Taimur Hassan Amin (Pakistan, Chairman), Philip Hassall (New Zealand, Vice Chairman and Treasurer), John Hopkins (Australia, Championship Committee Chairman), Ishwar Achanta (India), Nicki Hirayama (Japan), Zhang Xiaoning (China) and Kang Hyung-mo (Korea).

Standing down from the board are Rae-Vadee T Suwan (Thailand), Mohammed Al Naimi (Qatar) and Dato’ Rabeahtul Aloya Abbas (Malaysia).

Taimur Hassan said: “With the talent available to us among our member countries, selecting new board members is always a challenge.

“I’m conscious of the balance and combination needed on the board to represent the cultures and regions, the relationships with our partners from The R&A and Augusta National, plus the golfing background of the Board members.

“I am very pleased with the selection of the new board members and am delighted they all accepted my invitation to join the APGC Board.

“We are fortunate to be able to call upon such experienced individuals, all of whom have been involved in golf for many years and are well respected in their home countries and around the region.

“These are exciting times for Asian golf in general and the APGC in particular and we very much look forward to progressing on various fronts with contributions from the new board members.”