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A simple set-up tweak to help you get it in play under the blow torch of competition

By Euan Bowden
It is important for golfers of all abilities to have a go-to tee shot, a fairway finder they can rely on in the most pressured situations.

Your fairway finder is personal to you. It could be a low draw or a towering high fade but just make sure it’s one you can repeat. The simple set up changes illustrated here can make it easier to shape the ball and ensure you achieve that reliable ball flight.

To hit the controlled fade from left to right, tee the ball low and position it forward in your stance. These small alterations will encourage your club path to work more across the ball to target line from outside to in. The club path moving in this direction will make it easier for you to shape the ball from left to right.

To hit the draw shot, tee the ball up slightly higher than normal and bring the ball position back in your stance. This will encourage the path of the club to move more from inside to out across the ball to target line, creating the desired club path to hit a draw.

Instead of worrying about positions in the swing, which can be difficult to feel at full speed, try these simple set up tweaks. It will encourage the appropriate club path through impact for a more predictable and reliable ball flight, allowing you to find more fairways. Now you’re in play, go fire at that pin!

Euan Bowden is PGA teaching professional at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.


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