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John Daly’s Claret Jug is up for auction again – but it’s going to cost you a lot

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John Daly cradles the Claret Jug after winning The Open at St Andrews in 1995. Daly won the event with a score of 282.

By Alex Myers
For a second time in two years, a Claret Jug owned by John Daly is up for auction. But this time, it looks like it’s actually going to sell. And fetch a much higher price.

Heritage Auctions currently has a spoil from Daly’s surprising victory at St. Andrews in 1995, one of two Player’s Jugs purchased by the golfer. (The winner of the Open Championship gets to keep the actual ClaretJjug for one year, but can purchase replicas of the trophy.)

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In 2016, Green Jacket Auctions pulled this item, which had drawn a bid of $10,000 a few days into bidding, shortly after this tweet from Daly:

Green Jacket Auctions then released a statement saying, “We have reached an agreement with John Daly’s management to withdraw this trophy. But now, this trophy has resurfaced, and Heritage Auctions, “stresses to interested parties that there is no ownership controversy today and that this is indeed the one and only John Daly Claret Jug available to the collecting public.” However, we can’t know for sure if he ever ate ice cream out of this one.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the current bid is already $28,000, but Heritage Auctions values the trophy at $100,000. Bidding is open until Feb. 24 at 11 p.m. ET.


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