Bandon Dunes is about as far from Texas as you can get, both culturally and geographically. In fact, it has more in common with Scotland than the Lonestar State. But don’t tell that to this golfer, who brought a little taste of the south to The Preserve this week, making the most incredible (and possibly only) Texas wedge ace you will ever see. Take it away, cowboy.

Wow. Just wow. We can debate the validity of this hole-in-one until the Cowboys finally win another Super Bowl. Does an ace on a par-3 course count? Does a Texas wedge hole-in-one qualify? Those questions are between you and your god. What we do know is this is the craziest putt we’ve seen this week, this month and probably this year.

Even if you don’t think it deserves certified-ace status, you have to admit it’s a smart play. With Bandon’s world-famous winds whipping, there’s no shame in keeping things close to the floor. That’s true links golf, after all.