There’s a special type of golf “hater,” the one who claims it’s a rich man’s game while owning an $8,000 dirt bike or ATV just to ride around for fun in. And then uses said dirt bike or ATV to go ruin a golf course thinking it’s some big own.

That’s exactly the group an innocent public golf course in Wilmington, Delaware, dealt with this past weekend. Luckily for the course, Rock Manor, a few paying customers captured video of five extreme sports ‘fans’ tearing up the fourth green and causing goodness knows how much in damages that their dads will have to end up footing the bill for:

In the moment, this has to be the most fun and exhilarating thing ever for these people. Most really, really stupid acts are when you’re a kid. But when they get caught and it comes time to pay? Hooo boy, reality is going to set in very, very quickly. There goes the college fund, lads.

Normally, these types of things happen at night or at a time that isn’t so blatant — like when people are literally on the course. In 2023, when everyone’s every move is filmed, going in the middle of the day was certainly a choice. Now they’re all on camera and will more than likely be caught. If you look at past instances similar to this one, they could end up owing anything from $20,000 to $75,000 depending on how much damage was caused. This was only the bit caught on video.

Yeah, not great, Bob. Let’s hope they find these kids quickly and make them pay up.