Bryson DeChambeau has been one of the best golfers on the planet for about a decade, but above all, he’s known for hitting bombs off the tee. Heck, the guy went as far as to enter World Long Drive contests and even finished runner-up to world champ Martin Borgmeier in 2022. So, yeah, the dude can crank it.

But what if the 6-foot-1 golfer with fluctuating weight had to use a set of kids clubs? Could he still crank? Well, we got that answer on Sunday. And it was a resounding YES.

The 2020 U.S. Open champ, current LIV Golf star and content creator shared video of him playing a par 5 with a set of junior clubs. That is, four clubs. And he only needed two of them.

Watch as Bryson bends way over in his stance to go driver-driver on the 510-hole—and it’s too much! But then he two-putts from over the green for what has to be the most unusual birdie of his life:


What am I shooting on 18 holes with these? #golf

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Pretty darn impressive. As was the 239-yard carry on his tee shot. By the way, the average male golfer’s driving distance in 2022 was 225 yards. Total. With adult-sized clubs.

Golf fans last saw DeChambeau in contention at the Masters using his own clubs. To answer his question, though, on a normal course with these (short) sticks, we’re setting par at, um, 67 for him.

Image: Bryson Dechambeau