By Mike Kinloch
Senior PGA Teaching Professional, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club

Here’s a simple pace putting drill for you that is a great exercise to work on during the off-season.

Even though getting the line correct is a vital part of holing parts, mastering your pace is the single most important ingredient for consistent putting. If you can putt with good speed, you’ll never have much more than a tap-in for your next shot. In the video below, I’ll run you through a very simple box drill that will help you work on both uphill and downhill putts.

All you will need is 10 tee pegs and three golf balls and you’re good to go. Mark out three boxes using the tee pegs as illustrated, then putt balls to finish in each box. You’re not putting to a hole here, you’re simply focusing on pace. Check out the video and build this drill into your practice putting routine to become a better pace putter.