By Cennydd Mills

It’s important not to complicate things technically when you need to play a high shot that lands softly on the green.

I’ve seen amateurs get into some peculiar positions and manufacture what can only be described as homemade swings attempting to float their ball up and over a hazard such as a greenside bunker.

In truth, all you need to do for a higher trajectory shot is to manipulate the setup and keep the same simple chipping technique.

As illustrated, set up as normal, positioning the ball in the middle of the stance, weight slightly on the left side. Aim the clubface straight towards the intended target and the body parallel to the target line.

Now, simply open the clubface slightly so the angle of the face has increased and re-adjust your normal grip so that the face remains open and is now pointing right of the target.

Imagine that you have a circle around the ball and use it to open your stance. Simply take a couple of small steps to the right in order for the body to point left of the target line. This will keep the ball position in the correct place while ensuring the clubface, which should now be pointing in the correct direction, has the increased loft desired.

All you need to do now is to swing using your normal chipping action. Try to ignore the target and let the arms swing down the line of your body. The setup that you have created will allow the club to slide under the ball and create a higher, softer landing shot.