We cannot guarantee this will help you hit more fairways (or even remain within the confines of your local course), nor do we suggest attempting this without first consulting your spinal specialist.

But if you do struggle for distance off the tee, what’s to lose from watching UK long drive champion show us how he rips it off the tee? And when we say rip it, we really mean R.I.P, as in those poor, defenceless little white golf spheres.

Physical limitations mean you probably won’t ever come close to launching it like Lucas but it doesn’t make the video any less mesmerising. Think swing and ball speeds on the warp setting. And the sound… oh the sound.

Dornan is set to peg it up on those gigantic tees in the inaugural Long Drive World Series at Jumeirah Golf Estates in Dubai from 5pm Friday. It promises to be an eye-popping night with two-time reigning world champion and English compatriot Joe Miller heading a whose who of long driving chasing the £50,000 prize money on offer.

Golf Digest Middle East will be tracking every shot. Well, at least we’ll try. With 400+ yard bombs on tap, thank goodness for electronic tracking technology. And chiropractors. Enjoy.

Lucas Dornan…427 yards and counting

Photo/Video by Kristina Nabieva