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VIDEO: Short game fight or flight?

Fight the urge to use the same club when the correct flight is so important to great chipping

By Jack Woods
I often start a chipping lesson by asking the player what club they would use from a series of different lies. The response is invariably the same – the same, trusty old wedge is repeatedly pulled for every shot.

The problem with this method is there are so many different scenarios that require a different flighted shot. It’s the old one club doesn’t fit all scenario so common with club golfers. Check out the video and continue reading below to develop your short game repertoire and start nailing those critical up and downs.

If you watched closely during Francesco Molinari’s run to the Open Championship, you’ll have noticed the world’s best using a variety of weapons on the firm and fast Carnoustie links to produce different chip shots, ranging from the high lob shot to the classic old bump and run.

Understanding what flight each of our clubs will produce requires some experimenting on the practice green, hitting shots with each club from different lies and observing how they differ. Clearly chipping with a seven iron will create a very different shot to that of a lob wedge, even without adjusting our technique.

From here we need to decide which club is most appropriate for each shot we are presented with out on the course. The best way to do this, as shown above, is to trust our instincts by imagining how you would throw the ball given the chance. If you feel you would instinctively run the ball along the ground because there is a tier to go up or a lot of green between the ball and the hole, this would suggest something with less loft such as a seven iron (far left) is best.

On the other hand, if you would throw the ball up high and land it near the flag because there is a bunker to go over or little green to work with, your most lofted club (right) is the option. Practice this lob drill, repeat with the required club and watch your scores dip.

Jack Woods is a PGA Teaching Professional at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowan Academy Dubai. For more information, visit


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