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VIDEO: Consistent sand escapes are all about consistent impact

By Jack Woods
A frequent problem I encounter with amateur golfers working on their bunker game is the way in which they approach the shot. Most amateurs are aware that the clubface should never make contact with the ball and instead slide under it. But in trying to achieve this I often see golfers falling back onto their right foot (right handed golfer) resulting in the club entering the sand too early and therefore resulting in a poor shot. Instead look to turn over the ball, keeping your weight on your lead leg to ensure a consistent impact point in the sand from one shot to the next. By having a consistent impact point it is easier to not only get out of the bunker each time but also gain much better distance control of each shot.

A great drill for this involves drawing a line an inch behind the ball and another two to three inches past the ball. This gives you a great visual as to where the club should enter and then exit the sand in relation to your ball. If you are entering and exiting too early you are likely falling onto your back foot in the downswing.

Photo by Mustufa Abidi


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