Martin Kaymer dominated from start to finish to win the 2014 U.S. Open at Pinehurst No. 2. A decade later, he’s taken a pretty extreme measure to try to rediscover the good vibes from that week.

Kaymer is listed as an underdog this week, but when he will feel extra comfortable when he lays his head down at night. Literally.

That’s because the German is staying in the same hotel room he stayed in when he won by eight shots. Hey, it worked pretty well last time.

“I also made sure I stayed in the same hotel room that I stayed 10 years ago,” Kaymer told reporters on Tuesday. “I don’t know if it helps. It cannot hurt, I guess. I’m a little bit superstitious when it comes down to that.”

A little bit superstitious? We think you’re selling yourself short there, Martin!

Kaymer was then asked a couple follow-up questions about his rooming situation.

Q. Same hotel, same hotel room number?

MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, same number. They just changed it.

Q. Are you over at the Carolina?


Q. What room number?

MARTIN KAYMER: That I don’t say. But they made it really nice and renovated the place, and it’s a nice place.

Smart move, Martin. There are some wackos out there. Although, some might argue that changing a hotel room just to stay in the same one you stayed in 10 years ago might make you one. Anyway, good luck with that!

Main Image: Al Tielemans