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U.S. Open 2018: Jason Day reveals the needling text he sent Tiger Woods that wasn’t returned

By Alex Myers
The mentor-mentee relationship between Tiger Woods and Jason Day has been well documented in recent years with the younger golfer using the 14-time major champ as a sounding board during his own rise to the top of golf’s world ranking. But it turns out Tiger doesn’t always respond to Day.

“I texted him the other day, I sent him a picture,” Day said ahead of the 2018 U.S. Open. “It was him at this event in 2004, and he had, looked like MC Hammer pants on. I’m like, ‘hey, man, look at these pants. They’re terrible.’ He had pleats on them and everything. It was like the old school stuff. And he didn’t text me back.”

Ouch. . . (Note to self: If I ever acquire Tiger’s cell digits, do NOT rag on his fashion. Even if it’s something he wore 14 years ago.)

But things were clearly patched up between the two on Tuesday at Shinnecock Hills when Woods started playfully “annoying” Day by putting at the hole on which the Aussie was practising. And it sounds like Tiger is staying true to his “It’s winning time” comment from earlier this year and not being quite as chummy with his competition now that he’s healthy again.

“Most of the time, he texts back. He’s all right,” Day said. “But, you know, since he’s come back, you can see the — like his killer instincts are kind of starting to go more towards what it used to be.”

In any event, we believe this is the photo in question:

Here’s what Tiger wore the last time he played in a U.S. Open at Shinnecock.

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And yeah, sorry, Tiger, but we’re with Jason on this one.


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