If you’ve been struggling with the driver these holidays, then we suggest you avert your eyes now. The following will do nothing to ease your tee ball anxiety. Whatsoever.

Ryan Rustand is a golf coach from Maryland in the United States although we wonder where he finds the time for lessons given the twists he’s been putting on every day, garden variety trick shots.

Rustand is the southpaw doing the hitting, not the flying, in this latest ditty.


We cannot verify if that trampoline tee shot is authentic although it seems probable given this earlier post.


And this one which we definitely suggest you do not try at home, especially not if you actually love your loved ones.


And we do not condone this shot on any course (or any cart for that matter), anywhere. Still, you’ve got to admire the creativity.


We await the inevitable Coach Rusty 2017 encores. Until then, you’re welcome.