Stephen Curry loves golf. We all know this. For god’s sake, the man was just on our July/August cover. With that said, basketball comes first for the four-time NBA champ and this summer, all of Curry’s focus is on the Paris Olympics and bringing home yet another gold medal for Team USA.

We already knew that the three-point icon wouldn’t be defending his American Century Championship victory in mid-July, despite his late-round heroics in 2023. The Curry family has a chance for a repeat, but it’s going to come down to his father and brother. That’s a good deal of pressure, with Steph recently saying, “I know that Dell and Seth will represent the Curry family well in my absence, but if one of them doesn’t come home with another trophy for our mantel, I will be highly disappointed!

Not having time for the celebrity golf tourney makes sense, but Curry and Team USA coach Steve Kerr have gone a step further, ultimately minimizing their side sport to focus on basketball. The 1992 Dream Team, which notably included fellow golf nuts Michael Jordan and coach Chuck Daly, was infamous for its golf outings before games. That won’t be the case this go around.

“This is not 1992 — Stephen (Curry) and I are not going to be like (Dream Team coach) Chuck Daly and Michael (Jordan), we’re not playing golf every day,” Kerr said. “Chuck and Michael had a great time together on game days, playing 36 (holes). Those days are long gone. We have our hands full, despite the amazing roster we have.”

It doesn’t seem like the golf got in the way of the Dream Team’s drubbing of its opposition—the iconic squad had a +229 point differential in a 5-0 group-play run and 30+ point victories in the knockout rounds—but that was over 30 years ago now. This somehow makes the 1992 run more impressive. The last thing any of us want to do after two rounds of golf is move from the couch, let alone play high-stakes international basketball.

Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr will be back on the golf course soon enough, but for now, it’s all about getting the gold. Michael Jordan is probably a bit disappointed, but this just makes his golf prowess and Dream Team excursions even more legendary.

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