If you’re not following @zillowgonewild on Twitter (we’re not going to call it X, so stop asking), go ahead and fix that now. Not only do you get everything from funky bajillionaire castles to crazy starter homes, you also stumble across the occasional golf paradise. Take this Cedar Lake, Indiana, abode for example. From the outside, it looks more like a glorified garage than anything. There’s a sprawling driveway out front and a massive three-car garage taking up much the home’s first level. The second level provides the actual living quarters … or so we thought.

Even in our most golf-addled dreams, we did not see that coming. This is truly unhinged, with the open loft-style living area converted almost entirely into a practice putting green. But don’t worry, there’s a desk with a TV and a kitchen area for heating up your Pop-Tarts before another 36. When it comes time to turn in for the night, just throw down a sleeping bag on the turf. Boom. Problem solved.

The only deal breaker is the price. $619,900 for 1,600 square feet, an artificial putting surface and a roomy garage in Nowheresville, highlights just how out of hand the real estate market has become. We know it’s hard to resist, but you might want to wait until the bubble bursts before putting in an offer on this bad boy.