No More Bottles, a leading provider of sustainable water solutions, and The Els Club Dubai, proudly mark the three-year anniversary of their collaboration. Together, the two entities have championed environmental stewardship and sustainability within the golfing community, achieving significant milestones in the process.

Over the past three years on the golf course the partnership has successfully eliminated the need for single use plastic bottles, preventing them from entering landfill and contributing to environmental degradation. This accomplishment aligns with No More Bottles’ commitment to reducing single-use plastic and promoting eco-friendly alternatives.

A noteworthy highlight of the collaboration is The Els Club’s recognition at the prestigious World Golf Awards where The Els Club had won “The Best Middle East Golf Course Award”.

The Els Club dedication to sustainability, with No More Bottles as a key partner, also played a pivotal role in securing the club’s first ever Sustainability Star Award Winner. These prestigious accolades acknowledges the success of The Els Club’s commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

In celebration of this milestone, The Els Club & No More Bottles are fully committed to continue implementing a series of sustainability initiatives, including the installation of state-of-the-art water dispensers. These dispensers offer members and guests a range of refreshing options, including complimentary filtered water and sparkling, ambient water and hot water. The availability of these choices not only enhances the overall experience for golf enthusiasts but also contributes to a more sustainable and responsible golfing environment.

The statistics speak for themselves – the implementation of No More Bottles’ sustainable water solutions has resulted in a significant reduction in plastic waste at The Els Club. Through the use of reusable bottles and the elimination of single-use plastic bottles, the venue has achieved a 73% reduction in its overall environmental footprint and removing circa 240,000 single use plastic bottles over a three-year period

“We are incredibly proud to commemorate three years of collaboration with No More Bottles” said Tom Rourke General Manager, The Els Club. “Together, we’ve not only elevated The Els Club as a premier golf destination but have also set a standard for environmental responsibility in the golfing community.

“Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our achievements, from eliminating 240,000 plastic bottles to being honoured with the Best Middle East Golf Course Award at the World Golf Awards. This Sustainability Star Award is a testament to our dedication, with No More Bottles playing a vital role in our success. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain steadfast in our commitment to implementing sustainable initiatives that contribute to a greener future for golf enthusiasts and the environment.”

“It’s been an inspiring journey collaborating with The Els Club over the past three years, and we are thrilled to mark this significant anniversary” said Ian Hannah Co-Founder & Director of No More Bottles.

“Our shared commitment to sustainability has not only eliminated a substantial number of plastic bottles but has also garnered recognition at the highest level with The Els Club’s prestigious awards. The success of our partnership is reflected in the reduction of plastic waste, showcasing the impact of No More Bottles’ sustainable water solutions, especially as the focus in this region shifts to COP28 which is being hosted for the first time in the UAE.”

As No More Bottles and The Els Club celebrate three years of successful collaboration, both organisations express their gratitude to members, guests, and staff for their commitment to sustainability. The journey towards a greener future continues, with ongoing initiatives and innovations that will further solidify The Els Club’s position as a leader in eco-conscious golfing.

Image: The Els Club Dubai