In 2021, Leona Maguire made history by becoming the first Irishwoman to play in the Solheim Cup, and set the points record for a Solheim Cup rookie by scoring 4.5 points at Inverness. She was a key player for Team Europe, helping them win the Cup in 2021. She’s on the team again in 2023 as Team Europe takes on Team USA in Spain.

Maguire’s putting was one of the aspects of her game that set her apart at Inverness. If her putting is off, she says it’s usually because she’s doing one small thing wrong: “My mistake is usually picking my head up too soon — this is a common mistake I see in amateurs, too. That can close or open the face,” Maguire said.

Maguire said the root of the problem is commitment: If you haven’t fully committed to the putt, you’ll be tempted to pick your head up to sneak a peek at where the ball is headed. This is trouble, because it’s practically impossible to hit the ball with a square face when you’re pulling your head up.

Maguire says you can fix this issue by committing to the putt before you start your stroke. Decide your line and speed, and then execute the putt. Even if you’re wrong, putting a good stroke on the ball is the only way to give it a chance of finding the hole.

Main image by Eóin Noonan