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If there’s one thing golfers seem to universally hate, it’s golf announcers. There are not many who step into the booth to call the game of golf who we can tolerate. Joe Buck, Faldo, Chamblee, Zinger, Feherty. All legends …and yet all have topped golf fans’ hate lists for various reasons over the years. None, however, compare to the latest contender for Most Annoying Announcer on the Planet, TikTok-er @backyardcommentator. Sound up, haters.


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“Backyard Commentator” lives on Pheasant Ridge Golf Club in Pennsylvania and spends his summer Saturdays on the patio with a PA and microphone commenting on every passing group as they play through. Some find it funny and others really don’t, but that doesn’t stop him from calling all the action live as it happens.

As a general rule, golfers take themselves too seriously, but this could get pretty aggravating, especially if you’re coming off a triple bogey or chopping your way down the fairway 50 humiliating yards at a time. The right response is just to give the guy a courtesy laugh and a thumbs up and move on with your life, but given how hot tempers are running on the course these days, he may very well be cruising for a bruising.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, and everybody gets a couple of yucks out of it before the bit gets stale. If you have thin skin, a short fuse and an upcoming tee time at Pheasant Ridge, however, you might want to pack a pair of earplugs just in case.