Generating forward roll as soon as possible has been a primary goal of putter makers for years, with manufacturers employing several different methods in an attempt to achieve that. Odyssey today unveiled another tool aimed at that very goal, using what it calls “microhinge technology” in its new line of O-Works putters.

The technology is as it sounds—small “hinges” on the face of the putter that flex and then rebound at impact, propelling the ball toward the hole with a forward roll the company says is twice that of its Fusion RX insert. To achieve this the company used a stainless steel plate backed by a soft elastomer inner layer. The plate is then populated with microhinges. The entire production process takes 23 steps. The line includes four blades (#1, #1W, #2 and #9 models, all with the company’s Versa-T alignment system) and four mallets (#7, 2-Ball, V-Line Fang and R-Line). Counterbalanced Tank options are also available in the #1 blade and #7 mallet.

“Forward spin is critical for all golfers, but most everyday players don’t produce that forward roll soon enough,” says Austie Rollinson, chief designer for Odyssey. “The microhinges help provide something they’ve been having trouble achieving.”

The putters—all available with various SuperStroke grip options—sell for RRP of US$230.