Photo by Mustufa Abidi

The newest member of The Els Club, Dubai performance academy team is passionate about introducing more women to golf

By Kent Gray
Amy Millward is on a mission to make the Claude Harmon 3 Performance Golf Academy, Dubai the hub of women’s golf growth in the region.

The 24-year-old has just joined the CH3 team at The Els Club, Dubai and arrives with a freshly minted ‘Professional Golf Studies’ degree from the University of Birmingham after coaching stints in the U.K and Switzerland.

Millward is also a Love.Golf coach and an energised disciple of a programme that is bringing ground-breaking research to women’s golf coaching.

Whereas newbies are typically plonked on the range for week upon week and run through the fundamentals of the game, Love.Golf coaching predominately takes place on the golf course (or a shortened course). This allows players “to learn how women want to learn in a group environment free from any dress codes or unnecessary rules.”

“We don’t just want to make you [new players] have a golf swing. We want to make you a golfer,” says Millward.

Seeing new and more established players improve has become more than just a job for Millward who calls the small English town of Cleobury Mortimer home. Her “passion” is now the fuel of a new initiative at The Els Club, Dubai where the CH3 team plan to turn Tuesday into an exclusive ladies day, with lessons, competitions, range time as well as social experiences spread across the day and evening.

The CH3 ladies programme will offer three types of classes – ‘Explorers’, ‘Players’ and ‘Competitors’. Millward will be on hand for two ‘Taster Days’ in October and November to run curious or intending players through the ropes.

The introduction sessions, both running from 10am to noon, are scheduled for October 15 and November 12 and will be followed by refreshments. Email Millward at [email protected] to reserve your place.