Heads up, folks! We’ve got breaking news that doesn’t involve the PGA Championship or a couple of its favourites going through life-altering events. In fact, it has nothing to do with the PGA Tour.

Last year we were excited to relay that a golf sitcom starring Will Ferrell was in the works and on Wednesday we got confirmation of that from Netflix.

‘Golf’ is not the most original title we’ve ever heard, but hey, it’s Will Ferrell! And it’s golf! So sign us up! And it was also announced that Ramy Youssef is involved as a co-creator in the show that stars Ferrell as a “fictional golf legend.”

But wait! There’s more!

Later in the day, the streaming service made the rumoured—and long-awaited—sequel to “Happy Gilmore” official as well:

What a day! And what a time for golf content. As previously reported, Owen Wilson will also be starring in an Apple TV+ show about a washed-up golfer. As Will Ferrell’s Mugatu character in “Zoolander” would say, “Golf. So hot right now.”

No timeline was given for either Netflix project, but the important thing is they’re both happening. At some point. OK, now back to the PGA Championship.

Main image: Leon Bennett