Following news of Jimmy Dunne’s resignation from the PGA Tour policy board, former U.S. Open winner Lucas Glover strongly criticized the PGA Tour player directors on the board during his SiriusXM radio show on Monday evening.

Glover’s co-host, longtime golf agent Mac Barnhardt, began the conversation by saying that while he is probably ignorant of what’s going on behind the scenes, he would want Dunne in the room when it came to negotiating with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment fund. Dunne is vice chairman and senior managing principal of Piper Sandler, an investment bank and financial services company heavily involved in mergers and acquisitions. But as Dunne stated in his resignation letter, he had not been asked to take part in negotiations with PIF since June 2023, which was shortly after he helped broker the PGA Tour’s framework agreement with PIF was originally announced. Dunne cited a lack of progress on a potential deal as the main reason for his resignation.

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That’s when Glover took his turn to comment: “I’m probably gonna irritate my peers and fellow tour players by saying what I’m about to say,” he said, adding, “but for a long time the players were outnumbered on the board, five to four. And a lot of players thought that it would never be our tour if we didn’t have the majority. Well, I think we’re seeing why it was that way now.”

Now that Dunne is out, the tour’s Policy Board features six current PGA Tour players—Patrick Cantlay, Peter Malnati, Adam Scott, Webb Simpson, Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods—and just four independent directors. A replacement for Dunne is expected to be named to return the number to five.

“We [the players] have no business having the majority,” Glover said. “Tour players play golf. Businessmen run businesses. They don’t tell us how to hit 7 irons. We shouldn’t be telling them how to run a business.

“We are running a business now. And we’re all on the same team because this for-profit entity that’s about to launch needs to get right. It needs to be right. And players who think they know more than Jimmy Dunne, players who think they know more than Ed Herlihy, players who think they know more than Joe Gorder, players who think they know more than Jay Monahan when it comes to business, are wrong.”

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It has been previously reported that Cantlay and Woods have been two of the strongest voices behind closed doors and that Spieth has aligned with them as well. It is believed that they are slow to want the tour to make a deal with LIV. Rory McIlroy, who resigned from the policy board this past November, made a bid to rejoin it earlier this month but said there was a “subset” of people on the board who were uncomfortable with his return. He also stated last week that he and Woods “might see the future of golf a little bit differently.” McIlroy, who is close with Dunne, also said on Wednesday at the PGA Championship that Dunne’s resignation was “disappointing.”

“People like Jimmy are now seeing this and they’re now understanding that their vote actually doesn’t count,” Glover said. “The exact same way the players felt before we had the majority. The problem is we need those people because guess what? They went to school for business, not golf. My biggest fear in all this is that it’s gonna turn into the American presidency where nobody that’s actually qualified will actually run for it because they know that it’s fruitless.

“And that’s where we’re headed now with our board, unfortunately, is because now that the players have a majority and they somehow think they’re smarter than the business people, why are the best business people gonna come help us? And Jimmy just basically said that. And I’m not putting words in Jimmy’s mouth, but I can read and I can also see what’s happening, and I know what’s happening. And it’s scary because we’re about to launch a huge, huge, huge enterprise and a for-profit company that all the players are gonna own a part of, and we don’t have the smartest possible people there to help us guide us in the right direction. That’s scary.”

Glover continued to argue that it’s swayed too far in the players’ direction. It’s reached a point where he’s now concerned for his future and his family’s future.

“I’m at the point in my career now and my future and my family’s future hinges on this, these decisions that are about to be made,” he said. “So that’s why I’ve decided in the last few months to start speaking up. But the board situation and the way they’re gonna reach these decisions now is backwards. It’s 100 per cent backwards.

“We had an opportunity to get this done and it didn’t get done. And now we’re losing the people that are the most effective and already had it done, to be frank.”

Main image: Ben Jared