Johnny Miller to stay in booth for at least one more season

By Joel Beall

Johnny Miller’s not ready to ride into the sunset. According to the AP’s Doug Ferguson and Golfweek, the 70-year-old is returning for at least one more season with NBC Sports.

“I was ready to retire at the end of the year, to be real honest with you,” Miller said to Golfweek. “And I’m not sure exactly why, but NBC basically said we need you to do some tournaments next year. So they’re not settled on who might be the next guy in line to take my position.”

The two-time major winner has been in the booth since 1990. With partner Dan Hicks, the duo have been in the 18th tower for 18 consecutive seasons, an industry record.

Miller remains a popular, albeit divisive, figure in the sport. To his supporters, Miller’s frank, no-BS commentary is a respite from the game’s flowery, overly-congratulatory narration. Others view Miller as a cantankerous, “get off my lawn” sort, always siding with the past over the present.

No matter your opinion, there’s no doubting Miller’s a unique voice, one whose absence will be felt whenever he decides to hang ’em up.

“Most likely I will do next year and then that should be probably be it, but hey, who knows,” Miller said to Golfweek. “It’s a good job, but somebody’s got to take over eventually. I’ve been doing it 28 years, so I’ve had a pretty good run.”


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