Tornadoes tragically ripped through Iowa on Wednesday and the full extent of the damage is still unknown. Our thoughts go out to everyone in the area affected by the devastating storms, but one golfer’s reaction in particular caught our attention.

It comes from a Greenfield, Iowa man named Bradley Gebbie, who was interviewed by a local NBC news crew. Standing with his house in a pile of rubble behind him, Bradley seemed as concerned about his golf clubs as much as anything.

“I lost a lot, including my golf clubs,” Gebbie says while forcing a smile. “I had like three grand into that.”

Ugh, what a dagger. Three grand? Sounds like a nice set of clubs.

But Bradley also used the opportunity to make a plea for help from a few golf equipment companies.

“I’d like to shout-out TaylorMade and Titleist and Callaway,” Gebbie said, causing the reporter to crack up. “I really need a new set. I lost it, and I just love golf.”

Savvy move right there. Anyway, have a look and listen:

We hear you, Bradley. And, hopefully, at least one of those companies will too.

UPDATE: One of those companies has heard Bradley, and already gotten in contact with him!
Good job, Callaway. And good luck with everything, Bradley.