The emergence of LIV Golf has caused unprecedented fracture and turmoil at the top of the men’s game these past few years. But lost amid all that is one very important question: Does pro golf have room for TWO “postmans”?

This question actually pre-dates any LIV drama, but it has largely gone under the radar. First, it involves LIV’s Ian Poulter, AKA The Postman, because he always delivers at the Ryder Cup (See above photo). And as you can see, his nickname is clearly marked on his Wikipedia page:

But then there’s the PGA Tour’s J.T. Poston, who also has that nickname—once again confirmed by Wikipedia:

Do we have a “Nicknamegate” on our hands?! Now Poulter has been pretty out of sight the past two years not including being featured on an entertaining episode of Netflix’s “Full Swing” last year. But Poston has been cooking on the course, particularly on Thursday when he fired an opening 63 at Harbour Town to grab the Day 1 lead at the RBC Heritage.

But when the PGA Tour posted a highlight of its Postman—including a mailbox emoji—Poulter got pulled into a little squabble by fellow Euro Pablo Larrazabal. To Poulter’s credit, he wasn’t upset about the nickname—not that he could be with Poston long being called that and being born with a name that sounds a lot like the word “postman”—but he did manage to take a tiny shot at the PGA Tour’s ratings:

Dagger. Those disappointing ratings have been in the news a bunch of late, especially with numbers down for even the Masters. Then again, no LIV player is in a position to make fun of anyone’s TV ratings.

In any event, Poulter will always be known to many as “The Postman” for his Ryder Cup heroics. But it’s probably time for the 48-year-old to pass the baton envelope to the 30-year-old J.T. when it comes to this matter.

Image: Tom Jenkins