Finca Cortesin. Supplied

Finca Cortesin, the 2023 Solheim Cup venue, has further demonstrated strong commitment and performance in sustainability by being awarded the GEO Certified label for sustainable golf.

Since opening in 2006, the venue has developed world-class facilities and a championship golf course that complement the area’s local culture, landscape and ecology. Spanning over 240 hectares, Finca Cortesin continues to place great emphasis on the preservation of its property through sustainable turfgrass management.

Employing a combination of cultural and mechanical practices, the resort maintains impeccably healthy and resilient playing surfaces, capable of withstanding droughts and diseases, having installed Bermuda grass on the greens in 2016. This has since helped the resort to reduce on-course water consumption by 30 per cent.

Pioneering water management practices have also become a hallmark of Finca Cortesin’s commitment to environmental stewardship. By using 100 per cent recycled water from the nearby village of Manilva, the resort was awarded Acosol’s seal of quality for recycled water management in May 2022, making it the first golf course in Spain to receive this accolade.

Finca Cortesin. Supplied

Vicente Rubio, President of Finca Cortesin, added: “Our GEO Certification stands as a resounding testament to Finca Cortesin’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. At every step, our resort prioritises the preservation of the environment and the well-being of our planet. We approach each decision with a profound respect for nature, recognising that our actions today shape the future of our ecosystem. Our dedication to sustainability permeates every aspect of our operations, from naturalisation efforts that foster native habitats to meticulous turfgrass management practices that prioritise water conservation.”

The Solheim Cup will be hosted in Spain for the first time in its history.

Suzann Petersen, European Solheim Cup Team Captain, and a Sustainable Golf Champion, reinforced the significance of this to the event and to golf in general: “It is so important that golf’s major venues and events are at the forefront of efforts to reduce negative impacts and maximise positives for the environment and communities. Personally, I recognise the role golfers and golfing events play so to see Finca Cortesin being recognised at the forefront of action and providing solutions to these, and other related issues is the right thing to do, very encouraging and setting a great example for other future Solheim Cup venues.”

Finca Cortesin. Supplied

Beyond the golf course, Finca Cortesin has established a range of exciting initiatives including the creation of beehives to support vital pollination. Furthermore, Finca Cortesin also recognises its role and responsibility in supporting the local community, extending a significant programme of social benefits above and beyond the valuable, skilled employment the facility provides.

Notable collaborations include partnerships with Malaga University, providing educational programmes, and internships for unemployed individuals through a relationship with City Hall. Additionally, the resort actively supports organisations like Katrama, dedicated to raising funds for Saharan children living in Casares.