There’s an app for everything nowadays…even Cobra’s latest driver, the King F7, as eGolf Megastore custom fitter Jason Ashley discovers.

Cobra’s new King F7 driver, incorporating Cobra Connect tracking technology powered by Arccos, puts genuine innovation in the hands of the serious player and weekend warriors alike.

A sensor in the butt of the club’s grip, combined with a smartphone app in your front pocket, allows you to track all those fairway splitting drives…and even those rare ones that just trickle into the first cut of rough. Furthermore, the F7’s built-in technology turns your mobile into a GPS range finder device at more than 40,000 courses worldwide as well as offering real time analytics of your driving.

The technology is a boon for the social media savvy golfer who can now connect with friends to share their long drive win on multiple platforms; you can even compete in virtual long drive competitions. For the more serious amateur, the ability to analyse your trends off the tee is a gateway to better golf.

The innovation in the F7, which landed late January 27 at eGolf Megastore, doesn’t stop there. The F7 has three different center of gravity positions, allowing you to optimise your desired ball flight. There are three weight ports complete with a pair of two gram weights and a heavier 12 gram weight. Positioning the heavier weight forward produces a lower flight, while placing the heavier weight to the rear promotes a higher flight. Positioning the heavier weight in the heel helps to square the face at impact, helping straighten out fades or slices.

Along with the centre of gravity adjustability, the F7 employs MYFLY 8 with SMARTPAD. Together these allow for eight different loft and lie combinations without changing the face angle, numerous options to tinker with to achieve your desired ball flight and shape.

The F7’s crown is also 20 percent lighter than its predecessor. The use of lighter carbon fiber has enabled Cobra’s engineers to redistribute that weight lower and further back in the club head, promoting forgiveness and ensuring the new King F7 is extremely adjustable, forgiving, practical and a good looker to boot.

With the amount of adjustability and two models in the range, including the F7+ for the lower handicapper, its vital to get custom fit to ensure you make the most of the technology. At eGolf Megastore we have the expertise and equipment to dial you in for longer and straighter drives that are no longer the thing of legend. The proof is in your pocket. —with Kent Gray

Jason Ashley is Senior Custom Fit Specialist at