Lexi Thompson announced her retirement on Tuesday, but that massive women’s golf news has now been overshadowed by one thing and one thing only: Charley Hull signing autographs at the U.S. Women’s Open with a cig dangling from her mouth. This is how you promote a gosh dang major.

The World No. 8, six-time LPGA Tour winner and Northamptonshire native is a Brit through and through, even as she’s handing out an autograph for what looks to be a Pennsylvanian tween.

Perhaps that’s not the best example to set for impressionable young fans, but she’s just following in the footsteps of John Daly, Arnold Palmer and Ben Hogan. That’s mighty fine company to be in.



John Daly – Glyn Kirk


Arnold Palmer – Jerry Cooke


Ben Hogan – George Long

Now, we can’t in good conscience recommend you follow suit, but let’s see how she fares at the U.S. Women’s Open. Who are we, typing away on our company-mandated laptops, to judge how a 28-year-old, multi-millionaire professional athlete treats her body?

We have no doubt that she would pulverise us up and down the course, even (especially?) if she had a cigarette in her mouth.

Main Image: @zephyrmelton