Brooks Koepka, Jena Sims and baby Crew. Brooks Koepka Twitter

Reigning PGA Champ Brooks Koepka has announced the birth of his son, Crew.

On Thursday, 33-year-old and his wife, Jena Sims, posted photos on social media of the new family together after the birth of Crew — well ahead of schedule.


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“Crew Sims Koepka was ready for the world because he decided to break my water just 2 minutes after Brooks walked inside the house from the gym on Thursday, July 27th at 5:50 pm. 6 weeks ahead of my due date. Already showing who’s boss,” Sims posted on Instagram.

“My incredible team had him out in a matter of 3 hours after going in to active labor. He was still breech so they had to do a C-section. Crew was earth-side in 3 hours and arrived at 8:31 pm.

“He came out crying and breathing everything went well. I seriously have never seen or felt so much love and felt more like a team than I have with Brooks throughout all of this. He is already such an amazing father and partner and I was so thankful he was home for this. Couldn’t have done it without him. He made me laugh when I needed to, cried with me, held me, did everything possible he could do to help my healing in the hospital, and I’m just so grateful.”

Brooks posted on Twitter: “I love my Crew.”