By now you’ve probably heard that in the sands of the desert, where time stands still, a journey begins … or whatever the hell LIV Golf was rambling on about when the league announced the return of Anthony Kim to professional golf on Monday. After suddenly vanishing in 2012, AK has become one of the most mythical characters in the sport. For years, fans and pundits have wondered “what if?” and this week in Jeddah, an answer to that question will finally be sought.

It’s a huge, yawning, unknowable query but it’s far from the only one swirling around Royal Greens Golf & Country Club this week. Has Kim’s legend eclipsed his reality or was he really the post-Tiger bridge golf craved for so long? What is the state of his game and, more importantly, his competitive edge in 2024? There’s so much to ask and so much lost time to make up for … not that Kim gives a sh*t. On Tuesday, at his first professional golf appearance in over a decade, Kim conducted his range session in sneakers and a t-shirt. Yes, really.

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Honestly, we love it, and if you love Anthony Kim, you should too. This was always what an AK comeback was going to look like. In his way, on his terms. It’s part of the reason why this is happening half a world away on the Golf But Louder tour. Jay and his culture cops would never stand for this. LIV, meanwhile, can barely get a season schedule done on time let alone put a dress code down on paper. The whole “team” thing is going to be tough one for a loner like Kim to get behind, but for the Scrooge McDuck-ian pools of cash, we’re sure he’ll be waving those poms-poms in no time. Heck, maybe he’ll get his own team. “The Lone Wolves” has a nice ring to it …

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