An actual foot wedge? Tour pro shares hilarious equipment photo from his pro-am partner

By Stephen Hennessey

You’ll see a lot of interesting swings, outfits and equipment if you hang out at enough pro-ams. Odds are, with some of the characters who make up pro-am groupings, there will always something you’ve never seen before.

In the case of Greg Chalmers playing a pro-am on Monday, he shared this hilarious piece of equipment that one of the members of his group carried in his bag. Yes, an actual foot wedge. And it looks like it’s actually used from time to time, too.

The fact that this exists is hilarious. This would be the ultimate gag gift — that golf buddy who is notorious for kicking his ball into the fairway deserves one of these.

An actual foot wedge. Count this under the category of things we never thought we’d see. But thanks to Chalmers, we’re now searching eBay for an actual foot wedge. Love it.


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