The UAE skyline putter concept. Supplied

As eGolf Megastore sought to expand our offerings and further enhance the experience for customers, we set our sights on forging a partnership with a distinguished putter manufacturer. Bettinardi Golf, renowned for their tour validation and exceptional craftsmanship, stood out as the ideal partner for us. As an avid golfer and someone who simply wants the best for his game, I had long admired the quality and performance of Bettinardi putters, which had earned the trust and validation of top professional golfers on various tours.

In 2017, when exploring this partnership, I understood that Bettinardi would not only bring prestige but also provide golfers with access to the very best putters on the market. Armed with this vision, I reached out to Bettinardi, expressing my admiration for the brand’s track record of producing tour-validated putters of the highest quality. Once I had met with Bob, outlined our position in the market as the leading golf retailer, and showed our in-store facilities where people could not only try out the putters but also have the opportunity to discuss putter performance with one of our PGA fitters, ensuring the best fit for their game, Bettinardi saw an opportunity to expand their reach and share their exceptional putters with a wider audience. Recognising eGolf Megastore’s reputation for providing golfers with top-tier equipment and expert advice, dedication to customer satisfaction, and commitment to excellence, the partnership seemed like a natural fit.

Bob and Sam Bettinardi in the workshop. Supplied

After careful discussions and negotiations, we proudly became the Middle East’s authorised distributor of Bettinardi putters. This collaboration brought together two entities with shared values and a mutual commitment to providing golfers with superior equipment. With the addition of Bettinardi putters to our inventory, our customers were now able to experience the remarkable craftsmanship and precision engineering that had earned Bettinardi its reputation.

As a company, we’re always looking to offer the best to our loyal customers, and given Bettinardi’s prowess in the custom putter world with their ‘Hive’ collection, this seemed like a fantastic opportunity to create a regionally specific putter of our own. 

Due to their limited production and exclusive one-of-a-kind nature, the Hive collection putters are highly sought after by collectors and golf enthusiasts alike. Every new release of Hive putters generates excitement within the golfing community, often resulting in rapid sell-outs. 

The term ‘Hive’ refers to the manufacturing facility of the company, where skilled craftsmen meticulously handcraft each putter with the utmost precision and attention to detail. The Hive collection is known for its limited-edition designs and unique aesthetics, which often push the boundaries of putter craftsmanship. Each putter in the collection is individually crafted and represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and exquisite design. Given the region’s ability to purchase special ‘money-can’t-buy’ items, whether that be luxury cars, property, or unique putters, I felt this is something we had to offer our consumers at eGolf.

As our partnership flourished, eGolf Megastore and Bettinardi continued to work together closely, sharing insights to further improve our offerings. This collaboration led to the development of exclusive customisations and limited-edition designs (some of which you can see throughout this piece), making eGolf Megastore the only retailer in the Middle East to offer these unique UAE-inspired putters. 

We love the idea not only because these putters are regionally specific and highly limited for players and collectors alike but also because they are still some of the best-performing putters money can buy. What’s not to like?

We’re already in the final stages of producing these Dubai-inspired putters with Bettinardi, working and collaborating to ensure they become some of the coolest and most unique putters a UAE golfer could wish for! Customers and collectors should keep their eyes peeled on the eGolf Megastore social media channels for a special chance to purchase one of these putters as soon as they are released.

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