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Hank Haney views video, says Tiger Woods’ swing one ‘he could win with’

By John Strege

Tiger Woods does not give up much regarding progress he’s making in his rehabilitation from back surgery. He Tweets a pitch here, an iron shot there, and, yesterday, a single driver swing that he dubbed, “Making Progress.”

A full swing with a driver unequivocally represents progress, but can more be read into it? That’s what Golf Channel asked, via Twitter. It put out a call to “swing experts” asking how everything looks.

We’re not sure how many of those who replied are swing experts, but one of them most assuredly is, Woods’ former instructor Hank Haney, who weighed in with this: “That’s a swing he could win with, it’s not across the line and stuck inside coming down, a little stiff looking but it’s good enough.”

We’ll defer to Haney here on the swing itself; he worked with Woods for six years. But the issue is not whether one swing looks adequate, but whether Woods’ back can withstand increased repetitions that will likely include amping up the speed and explosiveness. In other words, will his back eventually allow him to put in the requisite hours at least to become competitive again?

Other replies to Golf Channel’s query, incidentally, ranged from, “looks like he has a great future as a recreational golfer” to “THE GOAT BACK AT IT.”

We’ll see. In the mean time, we’ll eagerly wait for another installment of Tiger: The Comeback.

UPDATE: Woods has been cleared “to resume full golf activity with no restrictions,” Bob Harig of ESPN reported. “He got a nice report and is allowed to proceed,” Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg told Harig. “He can do as much as he needs to do. Tiger is going to take this very, very slowly. This is good, but he plans to do it the right way.”


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