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WATCH: Why spine balance in the takeaway is so important

Want increased power and accuracy? Align the balance points in your backswing to promote the correct takeaway rotation.

By Euan Bowden
At the Peter Cowen Golf Academy at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club we promote, teach and hone golf swings controlled by the body. It is important to rotate the body – the catalyst of the entire movement – well in order to unwind in a free flowing manner through the ball. 

Over the summer, we have installed a brand new swing studio, equipped with Trackman and new Ground Reaction Force Plates from Swing Catalyst, to highlight the correct sequencing of the golf swing.

The fluid and powerful sequencing of the swing is often best achieved through correct rotation of the body in the backswing. Here’s how to picture that rotation.

Imagine a spiral staircase, the type that typically goes around and up. That is how we want to think of the body rotating in the backswing, around and up. When you do this it is crucial to keep your balance points (top and bottom of your spine) aligned on top of each other through the rotation, to remain centred. As you do this, you want your pressure to favour your right side throughout the movement of the backswing to set you well to move forward and through the shot from there.

If you misalign these balance points and do not rotate well in the backswing, your body will react in the downswing which can often jeopardise your club path and strike through impact. Typically, this ‘reaction’ in the downswing will lead to the sequence of the downswing being mistimed and not allow you to maximise your ground reaction forces. By not utilising your ground reaction forces you are missing out on the distance that your body is naturally able to generate.

Aligning the balance points by rotating well and loading pressure into your trail side in the backswing, you are then well set to unload into a free flow through the ball with little manipulation. This will help you maximise your ground reaction forces, allowing you to create distance as well as controlling the club path and strike through impact.

Visit the Peter Cowen Golf Academy for check-up in our Swing Catalyst. A session with one of our Swing Catalyst Certified Instructors will make sure you are getting the most out of your swing and ensure your body is allowing you to maximise the forces available to you.

Euan Bowden is PGA teaching professional at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai.


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