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Practice in front of a mirror to maintain your posture throughout the backswing

By Jack Woods
It is important to keep the golf swing as simple as possible to ensure you can repeat it consistently. One aspect of this is maintaining your posture throughout the backswing.

An all too common error I see during the backswing with many amateurs is a lifting of the club which causes a flat shoulder turn during rotation and a loss of posture. From here the first movement is likely to be a throw over the top in an attempt to regain posture.

A simple drill to work on rotating into a better posture is to place a club across your shoulders and make backswings looking for the club to be slightly down at the top of the backswing (right). If the club is level to the ground this is a sign of a lift and loss of posture.

Making this movement in front of a mirror makes it even easier to check for posture retention. Using the mirror also allows you to see how much you are rotating with the club on our shoulders ideally looking over the ball. If you can maintain posture in the backswing, the downswing will certainly be a lot easier, ensuring you’ll soon be hitting greens with more regularity. – This tip appears in the June, 2019, issue of Golf Digest Middle East.

Jack Woods is a PGA Teaching Professional at Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club’s Peter Cowen Academy Dubai. For more information, visit dubaigolf.com


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