By Alex Myers
A few years back, we declared a moratorium on “Happy Gilmore” swing videos. They were getting out of control, and in some cases, people were even getting hurt. But with Adam Sandler himself perfectly recreating the move a few months ago in honour of the movie’s 25th anniversary, well, we guess they’re OK again. As long as you’re careful.

And if you’re one of the 10 best golfers in the world, even better. It should be no surprise that Tyrrell Hatton can do something on a golf course that a comedic actor can do, but still, this is really impressive:

Love the cocky strut. And that ball was absolutely walloped. To the point Tyrrell might want to consider putting the swing in play for this week’s PGA Championship. Kiawah’s Ocean Course is a beast after all.

But Hatton (How about that outfit, by the way?) wasn’t finished with his ode to Happy. He even drained a putt using Sandler’s split-grip hockey-style:

The rest of the field at Kiawah has no chance—especially if Hatton rocks that bucket hat.